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Your words either nourish you or damage you

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

- the self care event YOU needed to be at.

Written by @lhwcontent

“I feel so drained “

“I’ve had such a long day, I can’t make it to the gym”

“Ugh I feel so ugly today”

“I feel so on edge “

Sound anything like you? It certainly sounds like me and a lot of people I know. This seemingly never ending “rat race” can leave us feeling deflated, demotivated and burned out! On 5 July 2020, I attended The Secret to Practicing Truly Nourishing Self-Care and it was such a mind-shifting, perspective altering event which left me reflecting and I picked up some absolute gems along the way. These are just a few nuggets of wisdom that really resonated with me and can help you stay sane amongst the madness!

Francesca Blechner - Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach

“Time and energy are your most valuable commodity”

Francesca discussed the importance of not spreading yourself so thin to the point you’ve lost sight of your own needs. This short and simple statement really got me thinking. We often spend so much time catering to others needs and ensuring we stick to plans we committed ourselves to yet on the day, you would rather pull your hair out than go to that event. She added that when we find ourselves saying ‘Should I really go to that event’ that is the ultimate cue to check yourself. Are we going because we want to or because we feel obliged to? If it is the latter, we may find ourselves resenting that person because of this false pressure we have place on ourselves to be here there and everywhere. Gain your autonomy back and learn to say ‘no’. As Francesca said ‘your yes has no power until you say no’.

Chloe Pierre – Digital Marketer and Content Creator

“How do you speak to yourself?”

We often speak so highly of our friends and families. When your best friend tells you about their latest new project or success at work, what’s the first thing we do? We encourage, support and push them to be their best selves (NB if your friends do not do this then you need to have a think about whether they are really your friends!) In a society where everything we do is under criticism due to unhealthy comparisons with those on social media, who probably in reality put on a massive front. We need to be kind to ourselves. Chloe emphasises the need to be kind to ourselves and in such a critical society. Ask yourself, if you aren’t going to be your number one fan, then who is?

Shanley Lewis - Self-Care Coach and Assistant Psychologist

“When we rest we do our best”.

Shanley made such a critical point that we tend to forget. We always hear the phrase “work hard, play hard” but where is the time to rest? We often feel guilty for those couch potato days or those evenings after work when you order take out and sleep at 9pm. Do not feel guilty for resting. If we do not rest, then how can we work hard? This is what leads to burn out and fatigue. Rest is critical to being the best version of yourself.

Richard Pups – Certified Personal Trainer, Weight Plan Consultant and Motivational Coach

“Where do I want to be and where do I want to go?”

Richard often uses this mantra to motivate his clients and it really is a fundamental question. I am guilty of staring at my body in the mirror before workouts and grabbing my lumps and bumps in disgust thinking will I ever get rid of this? Side note – if you don’t love yourself no matter how thin or fat you are you will never be happy. We often get so caught up on our current situation and forget to look forward and throw ourselves into our goals and work to achieve them. Don’t think of where you were, think of where you are going. Have that tunnel vision and don’t look back!

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